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January 2, 2012

Happy little family!!!!

I know its been a while since I have updated this thing but am definitely excited to post now!!!! So many good things have come my way in the last 6 months so I have alot to share... So the best part of this year was getting my life back together and started realizing that life was int all that bad.. LoL.. Me and the kids moved into our own little house and became ok with being a threesome...But then it happened I met the man that I could int wait to spend the rest of my life with Dave Gunderson. He truly is my one and only.

 As for the two little ones Scotlyn and Jackson  they are just loving being kids they are so happy to have a daddy.I love to listen to them talk about Dave when they think I'm not listening they are so happy to finally have some one they can call dad that is really there for them and  is so consistent with them...meaning he always does what he says and they know that he has made them his priority in life. I guess you can say we area very blessed and happy little family and are so excited for this new year!
Me and Dave

Cracker Jack


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