Life is beautiful

October 31, 2011


Scoti had her first primary program on Sunday!!! She did awesome. she is so cute she made my day. Jackson was sad not to be on stage with his sister but Scoti made to sure to make him apart by looking at him and letting him know she was still paying attention to her best friend she would give him cheesy grins and he would light up! She sang her songs spoke her part but the best part of all was being able to sit there and reflect about how much she has grown up and special of a girl she is..Scoti is my hero. Only being four years she know how important family is she will do anything to make sure Jackson is included, loved and knows that he is her brother and only hers!!! She always says to me, "Your my mommy" it makes me realized how blessed I am to have been given the chance to be her mom! The love and sweet spirit kids have I believe is what keeps this world going! I love you Scoti and Jack!  

We might not be the "normal" family but there is no question that us THREE are a family!!

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